Our Vision

The goal of the Innovative Authors International Forum is to expand the public recognition of creative writing as a specialized professional group in the field of Literature. The IAIF aims to assist creative writers to form strong networks and encourages creativity in the professional development of our members in their work.

Our Mission

Our central mission is to provide an independent body that represents the interests of creative literary writers and support them with their writing, designing, publishing and branding issues related to their online and offline needs. We plan to help them build their progress with the help of our panel of mentors who are proven experts in the field of publishing.

Innovative Authors International Forum

Innovative Authors International Forum aims to provide representation, support, and a sense of community for everyone professionally concerned with literature and publishing industry. We are an independent representative body aiming to promote the professional interests of creative writers and develop the profession of creative writing as a team.  We do this by building and maintaining the connections between our colleagues as well as acting on issues of concern raised by our members.  By far the most important function we aim to serve is to provide a space for reflection between creative writers as a wider group, improve the quality of creative writing and to stay updated with the latest trends as professionals.

IAIF Membership

Blogger Membership

Blogger Membership is available for anyone interested in pursuing blogging as part of their passion, profession or promotion.

Writer Membership

Writer Membership is available for any creative, literary and scientific writers who have not yet published their works in a book format either online or offline.

Author Membership

Author Membership is available for anyone who have published any creative or literary work in a book format either online or offline.

Publisher Membership

Publisher Membership is available for anyone who are currently employed in any publishing firm or for anyone who have been associated with the publishing industry.

IAIF Art Studio

The Art studio at IAIF is to support our forum and our members with all their art related needs like book covers , sketches and paintings for interiors and related activities.join us if you wish to exhibit your paintings or sketches to our publications . Feel free to connect with us via email at mailtoartstudio.iaif@gmail.com

Board of Directors

Williamsji Maveli

Editorial Director
Member of the board of directors

Williamsji Maveli has authored five books in his own Mother tongue, Malayalam, one of the regional languages in India. In English, his famous books are: Hello Poetry, S.O.U.L.S (Spirituality Of Unknown Luminaries Symphony), A.B.O.D.E (Aesthetic Bliss Of Divine Entity), IN DEPTH, CHERRY BLOSSOMS. One of his books has already been translated to Hindi Language titled SOUL’S CALL. Currently he is busy with his manuscripts of his two books ESSENCE OF PARADISE and IN SIGHT. Williamsji Maveli is the senator member of WORLD UNION OF POETS and Founder of WHORLED WIDE WRITERS, world’s most active writer’s forum. He is a member of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION holding an additional honorary member status in their academy World Higher Literary Academic Council (WHLAC ). He is currently supporting worldwide writers by way of his trilogy named as IN DEPTH, INSIGHT and INSPIRE. He has won many prestigious honorary awards for his literary excellence in literature, both in English as well his Mother-tongue Malayalam. A Freelance Journalist from Kerala, Williamsji Maveli, wears his many featured caps with elegance. He has created a place for himself in the world of poetry and literary review writing and contributes regularly to many poetry websites and groups. Poetry writing for him is a deep passion, and his poetry depicts realities in life, coupled with spirituality in love and longings.

Williamsji Maveli

Editorial Director
Member of the board of the directors

Sindhu Nandakumar

Creative Director
Member of the board of directors

Sindhu Nandakumar is a bilingual author with a current record of 13 publications in English & Malayalam. Her written genre of publications includes novels, poems, short stories and psychological handbooks. Even when she was actively working as a psychotherapist and a business consultant, she pursued her passion in creative writing and painting. To promote budding authors, she established an online publishing house known as the Pens & Scrolls. Within a span of 3 years the publishing house made its mark as a global publishing house with the publication of four online magazines named Learn-Easy, E-Mag, Live-long & Yaatri. Along with Pens & Scrolls, she is also the founder of many other organizations like Svaastika (an NGO initiating the concept of wellbeing), B-zolutions (a multinational business consultancy),VlogHD (an online media channel)and Mindspa(an online counselling portal).
Some of her most popular literary publications in English are A trip of Mohuda, Medley of speculations , Sunshine, Thysia, My secret behind the glass wall and Infatuated . Her horror malayalam novel Meghamaalika had received exceptional reviews for the readers.

A Chartered Accountant by profession Shweta Jain follows her passion in colours through worli art, modern art, gond art, madhubani art, zentangling, doodling etc. Hailing from a traditional family in Indore, Madhya Pradesh Shweta Jain captures the very essence of each subject in a simple, sensual and compelling way in her paintings. She has an ability to capture the depth of the gaze, showing the subject soul and deep thoughts through simple strokes of her brushes . whether it be Water colours , pencil colours, pencil shading, doodle or zentangling her works represents something of a vanguard movement in contemporary artistic painting. Her love for colours and craft since childhood combined with experiential learning gained over years helped her to seek and expose a delicate equilibrium between a sense of balance and visual calm and the tumult of painterly texture and surface tension. The play of light at the waters edge…

Shweta Jain

Art Director
Member of the board of directors

Membership Benefits

Assistance in professional profile building

Professional networking locally and globally

Guidance in publishing both online and offline

Free listing in our online and offline directory

Open Engagement and volunteer opportunities

Access to our mentoring programs with member discounts

Assistance in book marketing at member discounted rates

Book featuring in online magazines at member discounted rates

Assistance with their book reviews on member discounted rates

Discounts in fees in literary workshops events and training programs

Author interview in online media channels at member discounted rates

Receipt of digital membership badge that can be added to your social media platforms

Access and notification about trending literary events, offline communities and topics


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